Im going to try something new here, something iv never really done before in the form of some progress reports in an attempt to document how the SiteCreate project is coming along. Ill try to keep these reports regular (im thinking monthly/bi-monthly) and ill be keeping the details quite light to avoid boredom, so lets jump in and get this show on the road, shall we?

Our 1st Month Live

We launched the site at the beginning of July (the timing was not really planned, just something that felt right) and since launch we have changed our approach dramatically.

Originally this site was created as a simple tool to allow users to create there own HTML pages, using our designed-for-you blocks via our page builder (which are very proud of), but as I have a long history of working with WordPress, it didnt take long for the itch to make itself known, so we began designing some awesome WordPress themes we could offer for free to help get our name out there (more on this shortly).

As well as diversifying the site, we have also made huge changes to our HTML page builder which allow us to create various templates. This means when we release a WP theme, we can also release a HTML version AND a version you can build via our builder, neat!

Free WordPress Themes

As of writing, we have released 3 distinct and flexible WordPress themes. Having spent the last few years creating Premium WP themes for sale on ThemeForest, we wanted our themes to be different to the rest so each theme has been carefully created using our own CSS framework (it sounds posh, but its basically bootstraps columns + a bunch of custom css to keep things light)

So far we have released three projects, Forsta, Kuva & Minim and each offers a distinctive design and easy to use features which has made them quite popular with the few visitors we have had (we are new after all)

We have several other themes in the works which we will be releasing over the next few weeks, so if you like what you have seen and want to be sent exclusive previews of our new items, be sure to sign up to our newsletter for more.

Traffic, We All Have To Start Somewhere

Ok so if you have read this far, you know we are still in our infancy so please lower your expectations 🙂 It would be great to be reporting 100s of users have flocked to our site, but the truth is that’s not the case.

Im very happy with the traffic we have seen to be honest. Iv always found these early stages of any new project to be the most exciting and this is no different. I wont quote numbers here though, ill just dump the graph from Google Analytics and you can see for yourself

Ok so we are not setting the world on fire, but we didn’t expect to. I just hope as I keep building and offering the best quality I can, both for free and premium offers, the traffic will keep going int he right direction.

If you built it, they will come

Next Steps

Well, we are going to keep grinding away on some exciting stuff we hope to launch over the next month and more crucially, we are going to try and learn a little about marketing (I know this is a huge subject, but anything we can do to help grow cant be bad).

Did you like this progress report? Is there anything iv missed or you would like to know? Hit us up in the comments and say hi!