Continuing our series of progress reports which aim to track the ups and downs of a fledgling venture, this post shares the details of how the past month has gone, what we have been up to and what we have planned for October.

Do we start calling these income reports?

We started off September with the release of some premium WordPress products, namely our Really Useful Notification Bar on CodeCanyon and our first premium theme release on Mojo Marketplace, Hames for WordPress.

In keeping with our relentless pace of releasing high quality freebies too, September saw us unleash a free version of our Really Useful Bar over on

With Envato essentially killing off the marketplaces and authors who built it, sales over there are unsurprisingly flaccid, but we are happy to add to our overall presence so we will continue to use them as a vendor of our products where possible.

Where has this left us? Well, as of typing we have earned a whopping $87 dollars in sales so far, which we hope with some solid investment we can turn in to $87.01 in no time, guffaw.

Traffic Update

Now, before I get into this, I need to stress that this is a new project and we are not splashing cash on ads etc so curb your expectations accordingly.

September has seen further growth, which we are very happy with – and as you will see we had a few spikes thanks to a reddit post which helped spread the word about our (still in beta) HTML page builder, check our the analytics below to see.

Plans for October

Our main focus will be finalising our next WordPress plugin, a popup creation tool which we hope will give users a refreshing and simple to use, powerful popup plugin, however we are also hoping to see some progress on our free theme submissions over on

The current review process seems to be an exceptionally lengthy affair, with the initial review happening roughly 2 month since initial submission, and the same again for any updates/fixes needed, so in all honesty we dont expect to see anything live for probably 6 months +, which is a shame.

This wont stop us releasing our own work here of course, and we have 2 pretty kick-ass free WordPress themes coming up which we know you will love.

Bring it on world, we are coming!